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And with a new college degree in one hand and a job offer in the other, it will be easy to wander into one of the many chains selling disposable fashion in an attempt to create an entire workday wardrobe as cheaply and as quickly as possible. Resist..

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Agee and McLeod soon brought their friend Miguel Martinez, now the league’s program director, into their idea to begin a new league and it soon came to fruition. Trav Lit’s First Annual Winter Basketball League was born, and the Saturday night event has made BTW a Saturday night hotspot for all the right reasons..

As reported yesterday afternoon by The Olympian, police found Luckett dead in a Tumwater motel on June 9. The contraptions have sparked controversy on numerous occasions. If you trying to eat healthier and concerned about money, try vegetarian protein options like lentils, beans, and quinoa. You don have to fully adopt the vegetarian lifestyle, but just reducing your meat intake can have a significant impact on the grocery bill..

Those are typically the days of the week with the lightest travel rates, so it makes sense for Southwest to try to drum up some extra business on those days. The fire sale covers flights from Aug. (gloves haven even came out yet) There is no question about the head being strong, flexible, and you can scoop with ease. Also, you must look at the pictures on the website inorder to see how different this head is..

Less than two weeks after Dean lackluster performance on ABC, a nascent political star showed that he was made of savvier stuff. I speak, of course, of Justin Timberlake, who, after preemptively striking Janet Jackson leather bustier in a most deliberate manner and thereby exposing her surprisingly sophisticated secret weapons program, claimed it was all an accident.